EX700063- Decalcifier/Descaler – Domestic Coffee Machine 12 sachets

Decalcifier for small coffee machines

Weight 0,025 kg
Dimensions 90 × 115 × 2 mm

Decalcifier/descaler for small coffee machines, easy and safe to use. Domestic Coffee machines need to be descaled from time to time to keep them in optimal working capacities

Descaling is a safe and much-needed procedure of eliminating scale from the boiler.  Scale is build-up of mineral deposits from water create limescale, calcium, rust, mud, and water scale. The process is done via a chemical descaler.

Instruction for use:

  • Dissolve the content of 1 bag in 1,5 litres of water.
  • Switch on the machine and pour the solution into the water tank.
  • Remove the filter holder (if exists) and predispose a large container.
  • Operate the pump as if to make coffee, paying attention to the sprinkling of the solution, and distribute about 2 to 3 cups of solution.
  • Repeat the operation at intervals of about 2 minutes.
  • Should the group be obstructed by limestone, operate the pump with the steam tap (if exists) opened first, distributing about 2 to 3 cups of solution.
  • When empty, rinse the tank with water; fill it with clean water and operate the pump until empty.


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