EX71 (F)- Urnex GRINDZ 3 x 35g (grinder cleaner)

Grinder Cleaner for Commercial, Professional and Domestic grinders

Natural and completely food safe.

Weight 0,045 kg
Dimensions 70 × 105 × 30 mm

Grindz is an all-natural, safe, and easy way to keep your grinder fresh and clean. Grinding these coffee bean shaped tablets removes stale coffee residue and ensures that every cup will be as fresh as the 1st.

As seen here, these little, coffee-bean-like pellets are made from a proprietary mixture of grains and cereals, held together with a pharmaceutical-grade binders. Everything in Grindz is food grade.

Instruction for use:
Use once a week

  • Empty all coffee from the grinder
  • Add 1 sachet of Grindz cleaner
  • Adjust grinder to medium setting to operate
  • To purge, repeat above process twice with coffee
  • Repeat if desired.


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